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Our Strategy
Group Simple Introduction
Qingdao HQD Industry & Trade company has comprehensive international business experience with two manufacturing facilities with a long-term business cooperation with many excellent suppliers. Over the past 25 years, we have always put the requirement of global customers with exceptional service first. HQD provides the highest quality products for the needs of our customers and available all in one place with English, Japanese & Chinese speaking service team members.
1.Market Research
2.Product Designing
3.Research & Development
5.Highest Quality Control
8.Inspection of manufacturing during and before shipping

HQD currently ships more than 20 million dollars of High-Quality products to our customers each year.
Qingdao HQD Fishing Tackle business was started in 1994 and mainly exported high quality products to the Japanese market place. In 2001, HQD started planning to develop comprehensive business include fishing tackle, automotive products, emergency road products and packaging concepts. HQD also started to develop a global business with detailed services and provide high quality premium products and services to customers for more than 30 countries and regions.

- Fishing tackle business was launched. In June 1994, Mr. Zhou Shengshan, the founder of Qingdao HQD Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., adhered to the concept of “Morality, Skills, Honesty and Faithfulness.”, started to export fishing supplies to Japan in a personal way: fishing rods, fishing reels, various nets, fishing rod sleeves, plumb bobs, bait boxes, etc. In the following year, the annual export sales volume of 1995 has exceeded 2 million US dollars, which was a steady start. And at the same time, Japanese customers have planned to invest in China projects as investment consultants. After several years of hard work, the credit, contacts and business cooperation relationships have been established extensively in the fishing gear industry, laying a foundation for future business development.


- Qingdao HQD Industry & Trade Company was registered. Following the pace of national economic opening and development, the personal small and micro enterprises founded by Mr. Zhou Shengshan also shared the opportunity for growth. At the end of 2000, both the staff and the sales volume increased greatly. Therefore, "Qingdao HQD Industry & Trade Co., Ltd." was registered at the beginning of 2001, and company business model was confirmed as  the joint of manufacturing and international trade.


- A joint venture company, Qingdao Amon Industry Company, was established by HQD and Amon Japan Company. At the turn of the last century, we have been able to clearly see the tremendous vitality of China's economic development. HQD decided to develop automotive products for the Japanese market in addition to fishing supplies. In 1999, our car products began to enter the Japanese market. We were focused on quality strictly, did our best, and did our best products. Through the efforts of our colleagues, the automotive products that made in China were supplied to 2,500 retail terminals across Japan and also sell them online in Japan, our products were accepted by market and we got customers’ praise.  
In order to improve efficiency on automotive products project, in 2004, a joint venture manufacturing company was established in Qingdao by Japanese partner Amon and HQD, who developed new products, inspected and assembled products. The company provided high-quality, accurate delivery date, efficient and perfect services for the retail market. In addition, in 2018, HQD was authorized by the partner Amon to act as the global sales agent for automotive products with Japanese brand Amon or OEM. In 2019, our tire pressure gauges started enter into the United States market.  


- Qingdao HQD Fishing Tackle Company was founded, and announced strategic cooperation with Daiwa and Bassday. After 2000, Chinese fishing tackle export business entered into a period of prosperity. HQD decided to focus on a single product range -- fishing lure.
In 2005, HQD cooperated with Japanese hard bait manufacturer Bassday to produce hard baits. In 2007, a joint venture manufacturing company was established in Qingdao who mainly produced medium and high-end OEM products. In addition to the products sold to the Japanese market, more than half of the products were sold to countries around the world. At the expiration time of the 10-year joint venture contract, in 2017, HQD bought all the shares of the Qingdao joint venture factory, increased the R&D capability, and expanded production capacity, to meet the needs of customers around the world. In recent years, HQD has entered the mid-to-high end fishing lure market in America.


- Developed Soft Bait Products and signed strategic cooperation agreement with Weihai HY Fishing Tackle Company. In 2017, we hired Mr. Troy, an engineer who has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of soft baits for many years in the United States, and cooperated with Weihai soft baits manufacturer Haiyuan Fishing Tackle. The three parties worked together to develop and produce high quality and low cost products for the international fishing market. The soft lure products entered into the USA market at the end of 2018, and was sold globally along with the hard baits as planned.


- Developed plastic packing bag products and signed strategic cooperation agreement with Qingdao DX Packing Company. In 2018, there are many oversea customers have entrusted us to purchase color-printed laminated packaging plastic bags. After a long-term investigation, we decided to sign strategic cooperation agreement with Qingdao Dingxin Packing Company, and set up a separate branch company to enter the plastic packaging bag industry. DX Packing Company has many years of production experience, the state-of-the-art production machines, large-scale production and R & D team and premium products, it is very suitable for our business model -- developing mid-to-high end products. After more than one year of cooperation and development, our products cost has much lower cost, better quality, diverse category. Now we have officially entered into the global market.

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